STAYcation With Fortune Dushey


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Where are you staycationing?

I am staycationing with my family on the Jersey Shore.

For our followers who are shopping at home, what are your top 5 items to buy for spring?

Bottega Veneta Mules 

Oval linked gold plated necklace

Any raffia bag by Prada

Guiliva Heritage blazer and matching short set

Strawberry print sweater by Love Shack Fancy

Can you share an easy recipe that our subscribers can make and enjoy from home?

These Healthy Quinoa Granola Breakfast Bars are addictive.

How are you staying connected to friends and family during this time?

I've been doing a lot of texting and connecting through social media and have been so touched by many friends/followers who have reached out. I've also been reaching to friends and family members on the daily. We can all use some virtual love/hugs these days .

  What have you been doing to take extra special care of yourself during this time?

I've been trying to get some type of workout out in a few times a week. I'm also trying to stay consistent with daily meditations and journaling.  Getting some fresh air daily is super important to me, even if its 5 minutes standing in my front yard. I did a couple of face masks last week which is always an indulgence, and get much enjoyment out of lighting candles both during the day and at night.


The Madison Conch

The Susan With Shell Embellishment

The #POOLSIDExDannijo Ariana "LOVE" Trunk