Mommy & Me: Two Brooklyn Moms + Entrepreneurs

As Mother's Day 2021 fast approaches, it feels appropriate to honor some of our favorite mamas by showcasing them and their little ones in our new "POOLSIDE Mommy & Me" series. Get to know some of the most inspiring moms, and get a little peak into their daily life as they share their favorite POOLSIDE products.
And...stay tuned for some exciting announcements from us within the "Mommy & Me" category this spring/summer!
Meredith Wing | @MooMooi
Mixed Media Fashion Illustrator, Brooklyn Mama, Founder of #SomeFlowerGirls
Little One: Parker Bee
Meredith AKA @MooMooi is an extremely talented and innovative artist who founded the hashtag #someflowergirls in 2014. She is known for her three-dimensional drawings that creatively incorporating flowers, fruits, veggies, and other found objects. It's impossible to choose a favorite MooMooi illustration, but we love her Mommy & Me drawings, which can also be customized for your family.
I've been friends with Meredith since college, and I was excited to chat with her about daily mama life, and her favorite POOLSIDE bags. I love her answer to what she would personalize a beach tote with after the past pandemic year:
When did you become a mama?: Nov 24, 2019

How do you use your POOLSIDE bag?: Beach essentials and picnics!

What's in your bag (top 5 essential mom items): Wipes, water, diapers, stuffed monkey named "Momo," hand sani -- very glamorous!

What's a favorite memory with your POOLSIDE tote?: Getting one for Mother's Day last year -- my first with my little bee!

How are you celebrating Mother's Day 2021?: TBD! brunch?

Favorite spot for Mother's Day brunch?: Maman Greenpoint!

If you could customize a bag with ANYTHING after the past year, what would it be?: "First Time Out"


Samantha Denis | @AllYoos
Founder of allyoos 
Little One: Lolli
Samantha Denis is the founder of Allyoos, plant-derived hair products with a focus on clean, organic, vegan ingredients that work for all hair types. We love the inclusive nature of Sam's amazing products, and guess what? They really work! A Quick Clean and Juice Drench are all you need for the perfect beach babe air dry -- life changing products for busy mamas on the go (just like Sam).
I don't know how I met Sam, but she's one of those people who knows everyone I know! I loved asking her some questions about mamahood:

When did you become a mama? March 10, 2020

How do you use your bag? My Lolli bag is our designated picnic bag! We found a quiet spot along the bike path in Dumbo/BK Heights last Spring, and it's been our favorite place to picnic ever since. My bag is EVERYTHING and fits EVERYTHING. It also looks super chic and dainty, and makes me feel girl-mom-fabulous.

What's in your bag (top 5 essential mom items): 3 Onia linen beach blankets - the best blankets ever, Stoney Clover pouches filled with all the baby things (teethers, change of clothes, sippy cup, lunch tin, diapers, you name it), snacks (usually Serenity Kids puffs), a stasher bag of fruit, bubbles (Lolli is obsessed with bubbles now),  sunscreen, and hand sanitizer (Earth Mama and Jao Brand).

What's a favorite memory with your POOLSIDE tote?: It's the bag that carried all the fun to a spot we made our own during a time we couldn't really do much else. It will always be known as our first family picnic bag.

How are you celebrating Mother's Day 2021? Playground and lunch at our spot in BK -- except my Lolli bag will have bagels, lox, and sticky buns in it this time!

Favorite spot for Mother's Day brunch?: Sadelle's, hands down.

If you could customize a bag with ANYTHING after the past year, what would it be? Make it relevant for mom: 'Honor' -- this year has taught me more than ever, to honor myself, my baby Lolli, my husband, and my family's needs and wants as a whole. Honoring my intuition, my new-mom instincts, and my truth has helped guide me and my small, sweet family tremendously.