Mommy & Me: Influential Mamas We Love

I had so much fun with our first Mommy & Me series that I couldn't wait to talk to more inspiring moms -- women I am lucky enough to call friends! It has been amazing to hear how much these mamas love their personalized straw beach totes. They use them on trips, for beach days, and as toy storage baskets. The long handle fits comfortably over your shoulder, and the short handle hangs at just the right height from a stroller.
I'm excited to celebrate a few of our favorite mamas, while giving you a look inside their daily life. Happy Mother's Day!
Jane Kim Roggen | @sooplainjane
Influencer Marketing & Biz Strategy Consultant
Little One: Hughes
Jane is one of my favorite mamas to follow. Jane's IG stories and posts are relatable, funny, fashionable, and honest. We first met years ago during a business meeting. Fast forward, and we were pregnant at the same time, due only a few days apart. Reconnecting with past contacts on a uniting topic such as motherhood has been a really special part of becoming a mom. 
When did you become a mama? This time last year!
How do you use your bag? We’ve used it for outings to the park, a day at the beach, even for apple picking!
What's in your bag (top 5 essential mom items): Hand sanitizer, water wipes, a toy for the baby, snacks, and hand lotion
Favorite spot for Mother's Day brunch?: Sadelle’s, the best! 
Julie Hoadley | @julie.hoadley
Little One: Quinn
Julie is another mama who I've known for years. I can't exactly pinpoint where we met, but I know that we were both working in finance at the time. She has always been such a warm, thoughtful, and talented person, succeeding in everything she tried her hand at (now including motherhood). We were pregnant at the same time and we lived in the same neighborhood. We would see each other in passing on the corner during the height of the pandemic with our pregnant bellies. 
When did you become a mama? My son, Quinn, was born on August 6, 2020 (11 days past his due date!) 
How do you use your bag? It’s currently in his nursery as the chicest toy bin, but we’ll use it as a tote when we get back to the beach this summer... finally!!
How are you celebrating Mother's Day 2021? We booked tickets to go see the Kusama exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden as a family. I’m also getting spoiled with a custom treatment at the Shibiu Spa in the Greenwich Hotel.
If you could customize a bag with ANYTHING after the past year, what would it be? Make it relevant for mom: "Can I Not Just be on a Beach Right Now?!"
Melissa Rosenfield | @julie.hoadley
Founder, IFP Communications
Little One: Sidney
Melissa is another woman that I've known for quite some time, but can't pinpoint our "meet cute." She is a fearless entrepreneur, a selfless connector, and an amazing mama. She gives the best advice and always seems to have time to chat, all while owning & operating a communications company and being a toddler mom.
When did you become a mama? Sidney was born in October 2019
How do you use your bag? It's literally my everyday bag, it fits everything including his diaper clutch so it's perfect for everything everyday, I also have a larger poolside tote that we use on longer adventures.
What's in your bag (top 5 essential mom items): WLDKAT Lip Gel which keeps my lips moisturized, doesn't stick to a mask and makes me look pulled together, a piece of whole fruit for either me or Sid (or Robert) to snack on, Simple Modern water bottle, a mini sunblock from SuperGoop, Megababe Hand Sanitizer, and always an extra mask from Lunair Wellness (one for me and one for Sid just in case). 
What's a favorite memory with your POOLSIDE tote? It was a perfect way to announce my pregnancy honestly. I didn't show until almost the end of my pregnancy but people would see my "Baby Mama" bag and it was cheeky enough to make them smile and a great conversation starter for me to tell people.
How are you celebrating Mother's Day 2021? I have no idea! We might go out to the Hamptons, I wanted to go away but we haven't made any plans yet.
Favorite spot for Mother's Day brunch? In the old days Barbuto outside but this year we will probably go to Cafe Gitane in Vinegar Hill which is our local spot and we love it there. 
If you could customize a bag with ANYTHING after the past year, what would it be? Make it relevant for mom: "Give a Little Grace" ... This year has been HARD and it's important to always give yourself a little grace. There is NO perfect mom, there is no handbook (despite all the ones they sell), we are all learning and if you remember that, even on the hardest days, it makes things a little easier.