STAYcation With Three Of Our Favorite Mamas: Mother's Day 2020

Happy Mother's Day! This year, none of us have fought to get brunch reservations at that fancy restaurant, and we're all required to stay home. Truly indulging in the simple pleasures of life, and small but meaningful celebrations, is what may make this year's Mother's Day the best yet. Here's how three of our favorite fashionable mamas are celebrating this year:

Emily Hertz | @bornonfifth | Founder of Born On Fifth
Mama to Elle and Jennings

What’s In Your Poolside Bag? 

By Terry Baume De Rose because my lips are always dry and this smells divine. 

My favorite Celine sunglasses! They're timeless. About to buy another pair for back stock.

Burp cloths, just in case. 

My wallet, which I love for its simple elegance.

This phone case which acts as a beautiful accessory and always gets a lot of compliments


How are you celebrating Mother’s Day This Year? 

If it were a normal year, we'd be having brunch at Le Bilboquet. This year, things are clearly a bit different! My husband's birthday was last week, and I basically used it as an excuse to set my dream Mother's Day table, as he isn't much for tablescaping ;) Hopefully we'll have a little backyard picnic or afternoon of rosé in hand and babies all around. 

Select your favorite Poolside bags:

The Madison Wicker Conch Shell Bag, $325

The Mak With Pearl Embellishment, $215



Meredith Wing | @moomooi | Founder of Meredith Wing Design
Mama to Parker Bee


What’s In Your Poolside Bag?

Crystal Eye Syrum from OY-L, the perfect little pick me up from sleepless nights with a new baby!

Gardenias from High Camp Gardenias - I always have flowers on me, and these are insanely gorgeous! A great gift for mom any day!

Maman Chocolate Chip Cookies - Balancing a business, family, and a new baby can be hard work! I believe in treating yourself. Maman makes my favorite chocolate chip cookies!

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day This Year? 

Blueberry pancakes, cuddles, and a bit of free creative time for mama to focus new artwork, while husband watches the babe!

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The Susan Tote with Neon Daisies,  $235

The Mini Market Tote - MAMA Edition, $75



Shamara Bondaroff | @sb_skin | Founder of SB Skin
Mama to Glory Valentina


What’s In Your Poolside Bag?

Rosewater spray

Slip scrunchies

Kiehls avocado eye cream

S'well Water Jug [I drink my weight in water daily!

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day This Year? 

In quarantine, my living room has turned into a full on playpen [complete with a ball pit!] -- so I'll be spending the day playing and making pancakes with my baby girl, Glory Valentina.

Select your favorite items from the Poolside website:

Le Shortie Wild, $200

The Mini Market Tote - Mama Edition, $75

The Lori - Custom, $245