Customized By: Natasha Oakley

Natasha Oakley and I first met before POOLSIDE launched, and have known each other for years through different roles I’ve held in marketing and PR. Given the fact that she’s a total beach babe, living that year-round POOLSIDE lifestyle, it felt serendipitous when our paths crossed again more recently.
Natasha Oakley The Man Beach Tote Bag – POOLSIDE
Co-Founder of Monday Swimwear and the hugely popular blog A Bikini A Day, Tash’s pool hopping, jet setting, always-on-a-beach lifestyle completely aligns with our brand. Monday Swimwear is a sustainable fashion brand, grounded in ethical practices, which we greatly love and admire as a sustainable brand ourselves.
Natasha Oakley with sustainable fashion brand POOLSIDE
Based in Sydney, her lifestyle and closet always calls for the perfect POOLSIDE straw tote bag.
Natasha Oakley mini beach tote – POOLSIDE
Natasha is rarely seen without her “Mak” Beach Tote Bag which she uses as a cute daily tote bag, for dinner, around the city, by the beach. Our “Mak” mini beach tote bag is one of our most versatile beach tote bags and can be worn anywhere — from brunch to date night.