Customized By: Dana Tyne

One of the most meaningful things about starting a business has been connecting with women all over the world. I first met model and activist Dana Tyne via Instagram. She wanted to personalize a bag, and I was so excited to help her out. She chose a quote from the late congressman John Lewis -- "If not us, then who? If not now, then when?" This powerful quote is a beautiful way to commemorate such an important leader. It's also a wonderful message to spread -- now and always. The quote poses a question to the reader, encouraging one to speak up, to create change, and to act. 
Last week, I interviewed Dana. She shared some information about what this quote means to her, how she spent her 30th birthday, and on the importance of spreading the good word! To learn more about Dana, read below, or follow her on Instagram. As a thank you to Dana, POOLSIDE made a donation in her name to Sojourn Project.
What does this bag mean to you?
The quote on my large beach tote bag reads, "If not us, then who? If not now, then when?" These famous words are from the late Congressman John Lewis. I was lucky enough to meet the Congressman a few times through a nonprofit that I work with called Sojourn Project. His unwavering belief in humankind (especially the youth) to change the world for the better was inspiring. This quote was one small way to honor him and his message. 
What do you use this tote bag for?
I recently had a birthday. I turned 30 on December 31st and chose to safely spend my birthday in Hawaii. Taking all precaution possible, two of my friends and I spent a week in paradise. This bag went with us everywhere. Holding all necessities for a vacation in Hawaii -- champagne, my Canon DSLR, snacks and a good book. 
Is it a conversation starter? What do people say when they see your tote bag?
Most responses to my bag have been, "Right on!"  "I love your beach bag!" "Where is that quote from?" The last response is my favorite because it gives me an opportunity to continue Congressman John Lewis's message. 
Anything else you'd like to add?
My name is Dana Tyne and I'm only human, just like you. Let's all do our part to share a little inspiration everywhere we go because, " If not us? Then who?"