D.I.Y. Tote Bag Embroidery Kit

Make Your Own POOLSIDE Bag

Make your own personalized basket this holiday season! D.I.Y. is an acronym we knew and loved as kids. Going to the craft store was an opportunity for all-day fun and imagination. This year, we've all spent more time at home, revisiting once-loved hobbies, and learning new skills.

As the holidays approach, we're offering a fun at-home activity for the FIRST TIME EVER! Our D.I.Y. Straw Bag Embroidery Kit provides everything you need to make your own POOLSIDE bag, including an instructional video!

Each kit contains:

  • A plain mini market tote with straw handles
  • Your choice of colored yarn
  • An embroidery needle
  • A thimble
  • An embroidery pen
  • An online instructional video with our founder

Taught by POOLSIDE Founder Ashleigh Stone

What the class includes: Embroidering on straw requires a different technique than on cotton or softer materials. We'll give you a step-by-step guide on how to embroider on straw and teach you all the tricks to make your embroidery stand out.

Ashleigh had a close relationship with her grandmother, who was a skilled seamstress in New York's City's fashion industry. Ashleigh grew up in her grandmother's sewing room, and can't wait to share this experience with the POOLSIDE community.