Weekend Away: Thanksgiving Travel Essentials

Holiday season is here! Thank goodness we have so may cheerful events to get us through the end of 2020. Starting with Halloween, and continuing to new year's eve, I'm personally taking almost every weekend to travel locally and to create family memories. The next big weekend away is Thanksgiving, which always signifies the start of the holiday season for me. As a little girl, I remember my grandmother coming over to cook on Thanksgiving morning while my brother and I watched the NYC Thanksgiving parade on TV. After our family feast, we dove right into Christmas movies on the couch. For those of you who are still traveling locally (and responsibly) for Thanksgiving, I've compiled a list of my favorite weekender bags, a few pro packing tips, my go-to hostess gifts. 

Choose Your Weekender Wisely

The Ultimate Weekender Bag - This is the bag you choose when you need something small enough to carry around all weekend, but large enough to pack a couple changes of clothes in. I love our new Teddy Tote bag because of its functionality. This bag includes one large interior pocket and two smaller pockets for keys, wallet and cell phone. Each bag comes with an additional flat zip pouch. The soft, lightweight teddy bear sherpa fleece and comfy shoulder straps make this bag so easy to travel with!
Extra Extra Large Tote Bag - This is one of my all time favorite POOLSIDE tote bag styles! The XXL size is dramatic, but functional. I fill mine with lots of blankets, a pop-up tent, toys for my baby and more. It's also great for ski jackets and really - anything! The look of an XXL basket in your trunk is so chic. It says "I just arrived from St. Barths and I'm headed to The Hamptons for a cozy weekend." Shop our plain XXL Market Tote Bags, or customize one with your family's name or your favorite phrase.
All Day Every Day Bucket - A fun but no-fuss bag that feels so very fall time! Our limited edition cylindrical Ischia tote bag is just that. I recently filled mine with apples and a bottle of wine. The shoulder strap makes it very easy to carry, even when it's filled with heavy items. 

What To Pack: Thanksgiving Staycation Essentials 

What do you really need over Thanksgiving weekender (or anywhere you're traveling to this fall)? There are a few things that you will always be happy you packed!
Comfy Sweat Suit - Whether you're sitting outside by the fire, curling up on the couch, or getting cozy for your long car ride, a really good comfy sweat suit is a MUST. I like the ones that are both comfortable and cute, so that it can double as an outfit on coffee runs into town. 
A Warm Blanket - BYOB aka Bring Your Own Blanket. Sure, there may be blankets wherever you're staying, but there also may not be. Now that we're spending more time outside, you'll be happy that you have a warm blanket ready and available! We're loving the Barefoot Dreams "CozyChic Throw."
Hostess Gifts - As an adult, you can't show up to Thanksgiving without a hostess gift (even if it's your parents house). Some of my favorite clever giftable items include our Mask Basket, a Diptyque Feu De Bois fire scented candle, or A pumpkin-pie inspired art print from Brooklyn based illustrated, MooMooi.
A (few) Bottle(s) Of Wine - Who else has been indulging in wine drinking during lock down and endless leisurely weekends at home? Thanksgiving is definitely a holiday that calls for wine drinking all day. Whether you're staying at your parents' house, a hotel, or an Air BNB, a few nice bottles of wine are a must. I just ordered Rosie Assoulin's new wine, Vivanterre, which is a chic option.

Weekender Pro Packing Tips

Pack Ahead Of Time - While it may feel crazy to pack on a Monday or Tuesday for a trip on the upcoming weekend, this is an absolute must (especially when you have kids). When your travel day approaches, you will feel so relaxed, and that feeling is priceless. When you make time to pack early, you will find that you give yourself to try on outfits and, therefore, pack more efficiently. Since you spent the time putting together your looks, all photos will come out better (added bonus)! Packing last minute results in poorly thought out outfits -- and totally forgetting an entire line item on your packing list. 

Keep a few "Go Bags" - The worst thing you can do is continuously unpack and repack toiletries and makeup. I always keep one toiletry case and one makeup case packed and ready to go in my travel bag. While you may want to exactly replicate your every day routine, it's also fun to pack some special items in your vacation bag, such as a face mask that you can enjoy after a relaxing shower on vacation #selfcare.

Keep Essentials In The Car - I feel more prepared when my car is stocked with essential items, such as extra masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, water, gum, an extra sweatshirt, a blanket, some nonperishable snacks, extra phone chargers, etc. Stock the car with whatever floats your boat and it will make your trip a little bit more pleasurable. I also have bins in my trunk where I make sure to have extra essentials for my baby - diapers, wipes, toys, extra blankets and more.