Customized By: Molly Sims

I have been a fan of Molly Sims for the longest time, and, as I’ve gotten to know her a bit through our POOLSIDE correspondence, my admiration for her has only grown! Not only is she a successful model and actress, she is also a mother, a philanthropist and a business owner. She is interested, genuine and thoughtful.
Molly’s blog and newsletter offers real advice from her career spent traveling the globe, having amazing experiences, and working with people who are the best in their fields, across industries. She keeps her advice realistic and actionable, offering styling tips across a range of price points, and life hacks that you can immediately put to use.
I first met Molly in The Hamptons in 2017 at Gwyneth Paltrow’s party for Goop Market in Amagansett. Gwyneth had customized a Large Market Tote Bag that said “Bikinis and Martinis” for all guests, and Molly received one as a party favor! Since then, Molly has been a friend of the brand, always generously sharing the summer tote styles that we send her, and even celebrating POOLSIDE on her blog and YouTube video series. I adore Molly's style, so I try to send her new POOLSIDE bags each summer. She wears the different styles effortlessly -- a mini bag with shell embroidery for a day on the boat, an ice bucket bag with faux pearl embroidery for an afternoon picking berries with her kids, and a round beach tote for a day by the pool.
Molly Sims with her custom beach tote bag made for Sugarfina and Corona Beer

Molly has included many of POOLSIDE’s bag styles on her blog, including this custom bag collaboration that we did with Sugarfina and Corona Beer! We love how Corona selected the phrase "But First, Cerveza." If you're getting inspired, you can check out our customizable bag options here.

The "Mak" Shell Bag

Molly Sims "The Mak" POOLSIDE Straw Bag

This handwoven mini beach tote bag is a top seller because of its size and versatility. It is hand-embroidered with rows of natural cowrie shells, and can be worn anywhere! All of our hand embroidery is done in India, where they specialize in hundreds of different styles. Each bag is constructed 100% by hand, with the utmost care and love.

The Market Personalized Tote Bag

Molly Sims Personalized POOLSIDE Beach Tote Bag

Large or small, we have always been in love with the hand embroidered beach tote bags. These were the original styles that launched our business! Made from soft palm straw, it's easy to carry and easy to pack in your suitcase. We love using the larger style as a carryon, and find it easy to squeeze it in an overhead bin, or below the seat in front of you. You'll find yourself using this versatile "catchall" personalized tote bag everyday.