Customized By: Gigi Hadid

The most iconic personalized tote bag we’ve ever made was for one of our celebrity customers, Gigi Hadid. Her customized tote, embroidered with its own #HadidAF hashtag, went viral when she shared a photo of her tote bag on Instagram in 2016!
Gigi Hadid, along with her sisters Bella, Marielle, and Alana discovered POOLSIDE through Instagram shortly after we launched in 2016. They approached us about making personalized bags after seeing the tote bag that launched our business! We came up with the slogan HADID AF -- which they loved -- and made bags for all of the Hadid sisters!
Gigi was snapped carrying her tote bag everywhere, perfectly styled with casual jeans and a white tee, completing the "Model Off Duty" look.
Gigi Hadid Personalized Tote Bag – POOLSIDE

Monogrammed Tote Bag #HadidAF

The personalized tote bag and the slogan went viral after Gigi posted a photo on her Instagram while en route to Berlin with Tommy Hilfiger for the European launch of her #TommyxGigi collection.  
Gigi Hadid #HADIDAF Straw Tote Bag – POOLSIDE
Gigi loves using this tote bag as a carry-on for travel, and the personalized tote has accompanied her around the globe. The large tote bag is deep and spacious, allowing her to fill it with everything she needs for a smooth in flight experience.
Some of the most common feedback we hear from customers is that the soft, palm straw tote is easy to travel with. Travelers can even fold their sweaters inside of the large market tote and pack it all into their checked luggage.
If you’re staycationing or travelling locally for a long weekend away, the large market tote bag is the perfect weekender bag! Large enough to fit a few outfit changes, toiletries, and a hostess gift, we recommend keeping this bag packed and ready to go at all times.
Now that Gigi is a new mom, she can repurpose her #HadidAF personalized tote bag into a chic diaper bag! We see so many mommy customers using their large, customers market tote with long handles as a chic summer alternative to a traditional diaper bag.