Home Decor: Basket Storage & The Mask Basket

The unlikely top seller this holiday season has been "The Mask Basket." Priced at $55, it's the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list. Relevant for the Covid19 pandemic and fall/winter 2020, The Mask Basket provides an instant solution for that pile of Covid masks strewn on your countertop. I designed this bag from a personal need -- I had masks everywhere!! Masks in every handbag, on every countertop, hanging from coat hooks. They needed a place of their own.

Cut to the above photo -- all of my masks, organized and presented nicely in the POOLSIDE Mask Basket on a piece of mirrored furniture in my home office. As far as the design, I knew that I wanted a mini tote bag with straw handles -- nothing too large or adorned, just a simple organizational basket that could serve as a visually pleasing storage solution.

While created for function, this cute tote bag looks great in any room! Therefore, it's an easy gift to give anyone on your list. It's also small enough for an NYC apartment, or a little nook in your home. The basket is hand woven by female artisans, made of 100% natural fibers, and therefore, this purchase also supports ethical fashion and sustainability.

If you don't have the budget to buy a dedicated mask basket this holiday season, you can actually repurpose any of the POOLSIDE mini tote bags that you already own. Just flip the basket to the non-embroidered side, throw your masks in, and voila!

Want to wear this bag as a fashion statement? You can do that also! Use your mask basket for a quick coffee run, carrying all Covid essentials -- hand sanitizer, extra masks, latex gloves, and your iPhone for contactless order-ahead payment! When used as a handbag, this tote is sure to be a (socially distant) conversation starter.