Free Swim: Highlights From Positano

This past summer (July 2019), I honeymooned on the Amalfi Coast. While planning the holiday, I found it very difficult to pinpoint those truly special places among all of the "must do, must go, must see" spots that are seen on every blog post.  
Positano was just one spot on our trip, but I wanted to share the highlights with you. This is not meant to be a guide, but more of some quick must-do highlights to help guide your trip.  Throughout the story, click on photos to shop my accessories.
Beach Clubs & Lunch: Lunch happens at the beach club, so your entire day can be spent in one place. Sunbathe, swim, eat, sunbathe, swim, drink, etc...
Conca Del Sogno - You likely saw this all over Instagram this summer with bloggers and celebrities flocking to this famous beach club. It's a beautiful space with a "Hamptons" vibe. The restaurant is truly amazing and, because of the demand, you have to book in advance. Located in Nerano, you will need to schedule a private water taxi if you're traveling from Positano. When you arrive, you know that you're going to have an amazing day. To me, Conca Del Sogno is the best of The Hamptons meets the best of Italy -- beautiful attention to detail, clean, neutral color palette, great swimming, even better food and wine, people watching for days, private. We had linguini & clams for lunch, but the Nerano zucchini pasta is their specialty.
One Fire - Known for it's bright orange lounge chairs and umbrellas, as well as it's 5:00 PM "watermelon dance," I recommend One Fire as a great "first day" spot -- it's a bit more casual with a small space to swim. One Fire is in Praiano, and free water taxis are offered to and from the beach club at certain times each day. This beach club is also great for photos and your IG moment with the fire orange-red umbrellas.
Aperitivo & Dinners: We love aperitivo and it's a practice that we've held on now that we're back in NYC. In my opinion, taking the extra time to relax together with a beautiful drink before dinner is something that should be part of every date night.
Il San Pietro Di Positano - I cannot say enough about how special this place is. The views from the terrace are unparalleled, the drinks are beautiful and the food is delicious. They had a sushi cart in the garden when we were there, and it was some of the best sushi of our lives. We wound up eating a casual sushi dinner while we watched the sun set. I recommend arriving  around 6:00 PM to secure the best table with a view.
    Franco's Bar - Skip La Sponda (fancy restaurant at Le Sirenuse) and hang at Franco's Bar instead. Get there for Aperitivo and stay until sunset. The views are great, and the Campari soda never tasted so good. 
      La Tagliata - Located at the top of Positano, this restaurant was just what we were looking for. Sure, it's a tourist destination but it does not feel cheesy or crowded. It's a family-owned restaurant with no menu. The food comes out family style to share. And, like the wine, it's unlimited. The views are unparalleled, the food is yummy, and the setting is sophisticated without being overly fancy.