Weekend Away: Thanksgiving 2020

We are so excited for the holidays this year, and nothing will crush our spirit. Heading into Thanksgiving week, we spoke to some of our favorite POOLSIDE customers, friends and collaborators to hear about their Thanksgiving week plans. We definitely see some themes, including baking and watching The Crown, proving once again, that we may be alone, but we're all alone together!
Chelsea Boatey
About Chelsea: Artist, influencer, and travel enthusiast
Thanksgiving Location: A thanksgiving picnic on the beach with family

Holiday Weekend Plans: I will be putting all my energy into making the thanksgiving playlist, and might binge watch The Crown with the rest of my free time.
Current POOLSIDE Bag: The XXL Market Tote
Ashley Busch
About Ashley: Fashion blogger and owner of social media and PR company, Digital Styles
Thanksgiving Location: I'm spending Thanksgiving with my family and my dog in Michigan
Holiday Weekend Plans: I plan to binge watch the new season of The Crown, bake with my mom, and cook our favorite dish for the holiday -- sweet potato casserole.
Current POOLSIDE Bag: The Mak - Custom
Nina Cheng
About Nina: Founder of Wild & Woolly, entrepreneur, TCM expert, amateur baker
Thanksgiving Location: Connecticut with my family and my pups, Bing and Porkchop!
Current POOLSIDE Bag: The Medium Market Tote - Custom
Holiday Weekend Plans: I'll be taking my pups on a lot of hikes around New England, and will hopefully finish learning Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights on piano. I started baking during the first lockdown, so I may experiment with a new pie recipe.
Photo: Nina's Fresh Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potato Pie